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Zirconium Dental Veneers

What is Zirconium Dental Veneers?

Zirconium Dental Veneer is one of the most preferred methods in porcelain veneers made in dental veneers. There are two different ways to classify here. It is realized with metal support and without metal support.

It is now easier to have more natural smiles and attract attention with white teeth. It is a treatment method performed by dentists to eliminate dental problems. Since the zirconium tooth coating is processed in special furnaces, there is no damage or damage.

It is a dental veneer made to prevent tooth loss. It is a pure substance that has a white color. However, in order for it to be used in the treatment method, it is converted to zirconium ceramic.

Since it is processed and produced in the special ovens used, there is absolutely no harm. A more natural image is obtained. Since it has a light transmittance feature, it also does not cause odor or bad taste in the mouth.


How is Zirconium Dental Veneer Made?

First of all, before starting the zirconium dental veneer treatment, the patient's suitability for the procedure is determined. As a result of subsequent examinations, planning is made after the suitability for the procedure is finalized. You will have detailed information about the dental problem and its condition.

Before the procedure, local anesthesia is applied. Thus, the treatment is carried out without any pain during the procedure. After the numbness begins, the teeth are reduced. In this way, the coating process provides convenience as they have become before.

The measurement is taken in accordance with the tooth. Color selection is made and zirconium coating is prepared in a special laboratory environment. Ready veneers are attached to the teeth with a special adhesive gel. It is known as a very permanent and reliable treatment method.

Who is Zirconium Dental Veneer Suitable for?

It is performed in order to get healthy results and prevent bone resorption in tooth fractures, damage problems or decayed teeth. It can be preferred if the gingiva is above or receding. Tooth alignment may not be the same for everyone.

Because of this, zirconium dental crown is the appropriate treatment method for those who have amorphous tooth problems, do not have long-term white teeth and want to have cleaner teeth.

What are the Advantages of Zirconium Dental Veneers?
It is an ideal and comfortable treatment method for many patients. Therefore, it takes its place among the very popular application.
Since three-dimensional imaging is performed in the computer environment, treatment becomes easier. In this way, more information about the tooth is obtained.
It is used for a long time because it is durable and strong. It is durable because it does not cause problems for the formation of very cold and very hot sensitivity.
Since it does not contain metal or metal-like active substances, it does not cause bad taste or odor in the mouth. In addition, it can be safely preferred in the application of zirconium dental veneers to cause allergy formation.

It can be handled as metal-supported and non-metal-supported. It provides a greater advantage over metal-supported coatings. There is no bad taste and odor in the mouth. Like other applications, it does not cause a blackness problem on the gums.

Along with these; For those who want to benefit from zirconium dental veneer treatment, there is no sensitivity to heat or cold. It does not create a matte image due to its ability to transmit light.On the contrary, it makes it look more natural. It can be safely preferred without causing gum problems or diseases in and around the gums.

When is it necessary to go to control after coating?
After the dental veneer process is performed, there is no additional need to be done. It is important to continue the procedures performed on natural teeth in the same way.

Dentist check-ups should be done regularly every six months. In this way, possible problems are prevented and effective results are obtained.

Can it be applied to those with gum disease?
In order for the procedure to be applicable, the person must not have any health problems. This helps to get effective results. First of all, the disease that occurs in the gum must be detected and eliminated.

It should not be forgotten that this requires some time and it is necessary to wait. Afterwards, zirconium dental veneer treatment can be applied correctly.

How is Zirconium Veneer Attached to the Teeth?
While preparing the zirconium tooth, it is designed with the use of special furnaces. Special adhesive gels are used to cover specially designed teeth. It is known that the coating made with special adhesives is a lifetime treatment.

Will its color change in the future?
Regular maintenance should be done with the zirconium tooth coating, which has a light-permeable feature and makes the teeth look more natural. Since zirconium is a smooth surface on its own, it is not possible to cause any color change on the teeth.

However, if it is used frequently in harmful foods, color change can be seen. It is necessary to be more careful, as coffee, tea, cigarettes, coloring drinks are consumed too often, and the teeth may change color. This can be prevented by regular brushing.

Is There Any Pain During Tooth Veneer?
Before the veneer is performed, the patient's natural teeth are reduced in size. It is a treatment method performed under local anesthesia. As a result, it is absolutely impossible to feel pain.

Veneer teeth are prepared in a special laboratory environment in accordance with the measurements taken. After the coating process is done, a light pressure is applied to the teeth. However, mild tingling may also occur.

How Long Does the Dental Veneer Process Take?
The construction phase and the coating phase is a subject that varies. Before the procedure, the patient's teeth are checked. A tooth size is taken for the coating to be made on it. The size of the teeth must be adjusted in a way that does not damage the jawbone.

Particular attention is paid to make it more suitable for facial anatomy. As a result of the measurements taken, the zirconium tooth should be prepared in a special laboratory environment. The zirconium teeth obtained will only be coated on the tooth.

The duration of the reduced teeth varies according to the number of teeth to be veneered. Then, the coating process is performed and the process is completed by gluing it only with special gels.

How Long Is the Dental Veneer Life?
Since it is a long-term usable treatment method, it is safely preferred by many people. In order to obtain a more aesthetic appearance, zirconium teeth would be more ideal. The lifespan varies from person to person.

The lifespan varies according to the foods and beverages taken. In such cases, precise information cannot be given.

As a result of regular controls, healthier teeth and smiles are obtained. In this way, it is possible to see that the zirconium tooth has a longer life. It is considered appropriate to remove the expired zirconium tooth after it is checked by the dentist.

Is Dental Veneer Harmful?
There is no risk of tooth coating or harm to the person. Because here, the veneer method is applied to make the teeth healthier and to prevent diseases such as osteoporosis. There is no damage in the zirconium tooth coating method used here. It is carried out without harming the person's health and teeth.

Can Teeth Veneers Be Whitened?
Before the veneer process, the zirconium tooth veneer situation that is suitable for the patient is decided. In line with the measurements taken, the tooth color is also decided. It is possible to obtain white teeth in tooth coating made at the request of the person.

With the reduction of natural teeth, their veneer is performed. With the veneer, you can have more natural and whiter teeth.

I have an allergy to metal, can I use zirconia teeth?
The biggest feature of the zirconium coating is that it is not metal-supported. Because metal-supported coatings are generally known as situations that cause discomfort and allergic problems.

There is no bad odor or taste in the mouth. Therefore, allergic problems can be prevented by getting help from zirconium dental veneer treatment.

Does Zircon Coating Cause Different Taste and Odor in My Mouth?
It is a fact that some dental veneer treatments create odor and taste in the mouth. For this reason, one of the fearful situations of many people is the formation of taste and odor in the mouth after coating.

Zirconium dental veneer is among the coatings that have been mentioned recently and do not harm the teeth. Thanks to its light-permeable feature, it is a treatment method that does not create odor or taste in the mouth. It is known as an effective and ideal method that the patient can safely choose.

How to Care for Zirconium Teeth?
There is no need for any additional conditions to occur here. In normal daily life, there is no difference in the care of natural teeth. In other words, teeth should be brushed twice a day.

By using dental floss, it is ensured that tooth cleaning becomes most effective. It is of great importance that the doctor's checks performed every six months are repeated and not neglected.

Does zirconium cause damage in cases where tooth replacement is required?
They differ according to the method they are preferred in order to replace the veneers on the teeth. There are two different ways of changing in the zirconium tooth coating method. It is handled in the form of bridge and crown restoration.

It varies mostly depending on the patient's dental condition and the patient's condition. In the crown method, force must be applied. In the bridge method, it is to ensure that the veneer is cut away from the tooth as a result of cutting it.

For Which Ages Is Zircon Dental Veneer Suitable?
Since it is a fixed treatment method, the person must have completed the development process. As a result, the body develops until the age of 18-20.

After cleaning the mouth and teeth before the procedure, the patient is ready for the procedure. In this way, it helps to get more effective results. In case the body's development process is completed, the zirconium tooth coating method may be preferred.

Are Those Who Have Zirconium Coating Satisfied?
It is among the most preferred treatment methods among dental veneer treatment methods in daily life. With its light-permeable feature, it makes a great contribution to the preference of many people because it does not cause odor and taste in the mouth.

It is used by many women and men for a long time, as it is resistant to damage that may occur. Especially for people who are allergic to metal, zirconium tooth coating is the most ideal choice.

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