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Laser Treatment

What is Laser Treatment?

Laser Treatment is carried out in soft and hard tissue in dentistry. Some of these applications are cleaning of dental caries, root canal treatments, dental fillings, all kinds of surgical procedures in the jawbone and gums, shaping the gums, aesthetic dental treatments, removing the sensitivity of sensitive teeth, lightening the color of dark gums, teeth whitening, herpes and aphthae treatments.


Laser Periodontology Services

Surgical procedure stages in flap operations
Lightening the color of dark gums
Shaping the gingiva

Laser Implant Services
Stages of surgical procedures with laser technology in implant treatment applications

Laser in General Dentistry;
Cleaning dental caries
Root canal treatments
Desensitization of sensitive teeth
dental fillings
It is used in the treatment of herpes and aphthae.

Laser Aesthetic Applications
Teeth whitening
In porcelain laminate veneer preparation
It is used in aesthetic dental treatments.

Laser Surgical Procedures
All kinds of surgical procedures on the jawbone
All kinds of surgical procedures on the gums
Laser Pedodontics Services
Children's dental fillings
Cleaning dental caries

Laser Application Areas

Gum: It can provide sterilization in the areas where laser is used and prevent re-infection. In patients with genetically excessive purple discoloration (hyperpigmentation), peeling can be done with laser in 3 or 4 sessions. It is also used in the treatment of soft tissue and gingival wounds.

Fibromas (harmless pathological growths in tissues) formed in the mouth can be removed with laser.

Surgical Applications: Complications that may occur during the procedure (bleeding, swelling, etc.) can be reduced in surgical applications performed with laser.

Teeth Whitening: It can be used in whitening processes.

Prosthesis: Before gluing porcelain laminates, empress crowns and procera crowns from aesthetic dentistry applications, laser etching can be performed on the tooth surface and this process can reduce the risk of falling crowns.

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