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Transparent Plaque Treatment

What is Transparent Plaque Treatment?

Transparent Plaque Treatment, with this application for the correction of crooked tooth problem and gap tooth problems, treatment methods vary. It is an ideal choice for people who have problems with wire insertion. Thus, it is an ideal choice for patients who are not satisfied with the external appearance of the tooth.

In this application, which is among the aesthetic treatment methods; Tooth measurements are taken at the front and the design is carried out in digital environments. Since it has a transparent appearance, the detection rate is very low if it is placed on the tooth. Regular maintenance is required. Transparent plaque treatment is performed by changing it at regular intervals.

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What is Transparent Plaque Treatment?

In general, clear plaque treatment is applied to individuals who have dental problems. This situation is handled in two different ways and treatment is started.

A slight feeling of compression may occur when the record set stage is passed. There is a condition that manifests itself in the form of mild pain, but it appears for a short time. Then the patient has the chance to take it off and put it on. At this stage, oral and dental care is carried out by cleaning.

To Whom Can Transparent Plaque Treatment Be Applied?

After classification as dental and skeletal, the suitability for the problem type is realized. It can be applied to those who do not have impacted teeth in the lower and upper jaws, who do not have problems in the jaw structure and who have aesthetic loss problems.

How is Transparent Plaque Treatment Applied?
Before the procedure, the patient's tooth size is taken and the treatment is started. It is performed by taking measurements according to the lower and upper jaws. Then, internal and external views of the mouth are obtained. Then, after the x-ray of the mouth is taken, the transparent plaque is prepared. Photographing is done before and after the plate set and the clear plate treatment is realized.

In Which Diseases Is Transparent Plaque Treatment Applied?
Orthodontic disorders have more than one type. Therefore, the transparent plaque treatment to be applied is generally an ideal treatment method that can be applied for gap tooth problems, crooked teeth, and jaw expansion.

After the detection of orthodontic disorders by the dentist, it provides the appropriate treatment method.

What are the Advantages of Transparent Plaque Treatment?
Since it is removable, it plays a role in the most correct oral and dental care. It is possible to perform the removal or insertion process at a time during the day that the person wishes.

It is the most comfortable treatment for those who do not want to wear braces. Thus, it is ensured that the process is carried out in a simple way without being exposed to the wire image. Since it is removable, there is no problem in hygiene.

Frequently Asked Questions about Clear Plaque Treatment

Do I need to remove clear plates every day?
Plates can be removed to clean the plaque. Therefore, it does not need to be constantly removed.

How many days should the clear plate change be done?
Transparent plates should be changed once a week.

Are transparent plates an obstacle to eating and drinking?
After getting used to the transparent plates, eating and drinking is not strong.

How long is the treatment period?
Treatment duration; varies from person to person. No precise information can be given on this matter.

Do Teeth Move With Transparent Plaques Without Braces?
Having braces allows the teeth to move. With the transparent plaque treatment performed here, it is possible for the teeth to move. It has the feature of moving faster than the braces. At the same time, it is a more comfortable and trouble-free treatment for the patient. In some cases, it gives faster results than braces treatment.

What Should Be Done Before Transparent Dental Plaque Treatment?
There is no preliminary preparation to be done before the procedure. Oral and dental care is performed by the dentist only before the clear plaque treatment.

Problems such as tartar formation and dental caries that occur in the teeth are eliminated and the basis for treatment is prepared. Then an order is placed for plaque preparation by taking the tooth size. Thus, a more hygienic intraoral treatment is performed.

What are the Elements to Be Considered After Transparent Dental Plaque Treatment?
After the procedure, the patient can remove and insert the plates. For this, he needs to take care of his mouth and teeth during the day. Teeth must be brushed twice a day. In this way, possible problems are prevented and effective results are obtained.

It is of great importance that the instructions given by the dentist are followed correctly without skipping. The correct result of the treatment is ensured by using the recommended protective plates.

Is There an Upper and Lower Age Limit in Transparent Plaque Treatment?
It is a treatment that does not require any age restrictions. It is of great importance for the treatment of molars and incisors.

Since there is no upper age limit, the person can benefit from the treatment at any time. However, it is the treatment that should be preferred by advanced age groups in order for this to be successful.

Are There Any Situations In Which Transparent Plaque Treatment Should Not Be Applied?
Every treatment application consists of a situation where it is not suitable for the patient. In such cases, the patient's suitability for the procedure is determined before the procedure, as required by the medical procedure. Necessary studies are initiated after its suitability for treatment is finalized.

Clear plate treatment is not performed due to the reduction of the supporting tissue and the reduction in the level of the jawbone. Plaque treatment can be started after the patient's discomfort is resolved.

Is Clear Plaque Treatment a Painful Treatment?
It is known that most of the treatments performed to eliminate dental problems are painful. But it is not possible to talk about such a situation here. Because clear plaque treatment is known only as plaque placed on the teeth.

In other words, it is not possible to damage the tooth or cause pain. Since there is a slight pressure when inserting the plates, the pain is temporarily mild.

How Long Does Transparent Plaque Treatment Take?
The duration of treatment may vary from person to person. The resulting variability must be taken into account. On average, the treatment period is completed in 1-1.5 years.

Do Transparent Plates Prevent Eating and Drinking? Does it need to be removed while eating?
Under normal conditions, it is provided to have more advantages than braces. In this context; With clear plaque treatment, it is possible to remove plaques at any time of the day.

It can be permanently removed and installed along with the plate. Since there are no metal parts, there is no problem during eating. It will be easier for the patient to remove the plaques while eating.

Does Clear Plaque Treatment Affect Speech?
After starting plaque treatment, one should get used to it. In the first period, the person has difficulty getting used to the plaques. But it is a fact that this will pass in the future. It must take 1-2 weeks for this to happen. However, clear plaque treatment of some patients is difficult.

They have difficulty in speaking because the process of getting used to it takes a long time. The familiarization period must be completed. In this way, the person returns to his normal life in a short time without having difficulty in speaking and continues the treatment.

Does Excessive Consumption of Coffee, Tea and Cigarettes Affect Plaques, Which Foods and Drinks Change Colors of Transparent Dental Plaques?
With the transparency of the plaques, it is not possible for the teeth to be damaged or discolored. However, plaques have a color change situation over time. This appears to be related to the food consumed.

It is possible for plaques to change color due to factors such as coffee, tea, coloring products, acidic foods and cigarettes.

If the plaques are changed weekly or every 15 days, there is no change in the color of the plaques. In order to get healthier and more effective results, an examination should be performed by a specialist physician. In this way, there is no problem by changing the plate regularly.

How to Clean Transparent Plaque?
By paying attention to the cleaning and maintenance of the transparent plates, healthier results are achieved. Weekly change is seen with the transparent plaque treatment. The plate should be changed once a week and placed in its own box.

At the same time, it should be washed and rinsed with clean water before meals. If there will be plaque use for a long time; These plates should be cleaned by keeping them in water for a while. Thus, it is possible to clean the particles.

How Often Should Controls Be Performed in Transparent Plaque Treatment?
Healthy results should be obtained by following the instructions given by the dentist and evaluating this process well. Plaque treatment is generally completed in 1-1.5 years. It is of great importance that the controls are carried out at the intervals given by the specialist physician.

Can Transparent Plates Be Used After Wire Treatment?
This situation usually varies depending on the patient's condition. The patient should be examined by the dentist and then planned. If it is deemed appropriate after braces, it is possible for the dentist to perform clear plaque treatment.

Is Reinforcement Therapy Used The Same As Clear Plaque Treatment?
A clear plate can be used for reinforcement therapy. Both contain a different situation in terms of technique and material. With the treatment, there is no problem of deterioration of the teeth and at the same time, it is ensured that they have a healthy smile.

How Many Hours a Day Should You Wear?
Plates need to be fitted regularly during the day. Plaques should be removed, removed while the patient is clean and caring, and washed before and after meals. On average, it stays in the tooth for 20-22 hours.

Apart from these situations, removal of plaques will result in unsuccessful treatment. The patient is disappointed because the desired result is not achieved. There is no problem in removing plaques at special events and invitations. This period should be limited to 3-4 hours.

Does Transparent Plaque Correct Tooth?
Here, the biggest goal of clear plaque treatment is; It is the elimination of physical problems in the teeth. Braces are used to treat split, crooked and crooked teeth. However, since the braces are metal, transparent plaque is preferred.

The purpose of the braces is also to make the teeth smoother and to fix the problem. It is possible to say that the transparent plaque corrects the tooth, since both treatments give positive results.

Why Is a Transparent Plate Attached?
Transparent plaque treatment is of great importance for patients with split, crooked and crooked teeth. Thus, with the elimination of dental problems, a transparent plaque is attached. It does not harm one's health. After the patient's habituation process is completed, the transparent plates do not disturb.

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