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What is Bridge Teeth? How is it done?

How do bridge teeth work?

Bridge teeth are a type of permanent dental prosthesis that are used to fill up gaps in the mouth. Since at least 1 abutment tooth or implant is required for the application of bridge teeth, it cannot be applied to edentulous patients. A dentist who specializes in prosthetic dentistry applies bridge teeth. To rebuild the patients' lost function, appearance, and phonation, bridge teeth are implanted. Many materials may be used to create prostheses, however, metal-structured ceramic bridges are the most popular due to their strength and endurance. Large or tiny gaps between teeth can be effectively filled with a dental bridge. Depending on the materials used and the connection of the restoration with the supporting teeth, several types of bridges may be utilized. Since it may be completed quickly, bridge tooth building has been utilized for a very long time to correct dental defects.

How is Bridge Teeth Made?

The construction of the bridge tooth takes place by taking support from the healthy teeth and filling the gaps created by the lost teeth. Bridge tooth application can be applied for one or more tooth cavities, depending on their type. The important point in bridge tooth application is the need for healthy adjacent teeth that can be supported on the left and right sides.

During the first examination with the dentist, the type of bridge tooth is decided according to the missing tooth. After the bridge tooth is decided, the left and right teeth, which will provide support, are filed and reduced a little. The purpose of this procedure is to provide sufficient space for the new tooth to be prepared.

After the teeth are filed, measurements are taken for the bridge tooth to be prepared. With the filling of the support teeth, the sensitive tooth layer called dentin is formed. Until the permanent bridge tooth treatment is applied, a temporary bridge tooth is placed to prevent the cold/hot sensitivity of the teeth.

The bridge teeth, which have been measured, are prepared in approximately 3 to 10 days. When the prepared artificial tooth reaches the dentist, it is rehearsed. Bridge teeth; Both functional and aesthetic properties such as compatibility with other teeth in the mouth, size, color similarity, and closure of the teeth are checked. If any problem is detected, the problem is quickly resolved by the dentists, and then the bridge tooth is attached.

Bridge Tooth Types

Bridge tooth types are applied in clinical practice with 4 different methods. These:

  • Traditional

  • Free finite

  • Maryland

  • Implant-supported

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